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Fortis Pest Control offers the most comprehensive pest service in Texas and at the best price, guaranteed. We use the most innovative and effective products available to ensure the safety of your family and the environment. Pest intruders are eliminated through a customized program unique to your home’s needs backed with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

"Protecting Your Family.
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Guaranteed Satisfaction

We will give you free reservices if something should sneak in between regular services.


One ant can invade your home and leave a scent that invites in an entire colony. The only way to completely resolve the problem is to find and remove the queen.

Wasps & Hornets

Wasps and hornets typically have black and yellow smooth bodies. Both will aggressively defend their nests with a painful sting. They can both seriously disrupt outdoor activities.


Cockroaches live in moist areas such as sewers and crevices. They feed on plant material and are capable of spreading germs, causing allergies, and reproducing rapidly.

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas are reddish-brown insects that feed on human blood through small bites on the skin. Their legs allow them to jump from the floor up to your calves. One adult flea can lay up to 60 eggs every day!

Silverfish & Earwigs

Silverfish are nocturnal and primarily found in moist environments. They can feed on wallpaper, books, and fabrics. Earwigs are dark-redish brown and recognizable by their pincers.


Scorpions contain a stinger on the end of their tails which can be painful and in some cases deadly. They are nocturnal and can often come out in the night to ambush their prey.


Spiders produce venom that is poisonous to their prey. While most spiders are not dangerous to humans, they can create unsightly webs that trap and attract other pests.


Adult crickets are typically 3/4-1 inch long, brownish-yellow and have 3 dark bands on their head. Crickets are nocturnal and their vocal "song" and chirping can keep humans from getting sleep.

Initial Service

The first step, before we even touch your home, is a comprehensive inspection of your home and its surroundings. Fortis service technicians are specially trained to identify current and potential pest problem areas, as well as possible pest harborages, both in and around your home. This thorough inspection is crucial to best match our services to the unique needs of your home.

Our Products

There are a myriad of pest products available with varying degrees of safety and efficacy. How can you know if products will be safe for you and your home? Sometimes companies cut corners to save money by using lower quality products or spending less time at your home. Fortis uses industry leading products and innovations that are safer and more effective than traditional means while we continually search for more effective servicing methods. We will never cut corners on products or time. The materials we use are mostly organic to ensure the safety of you and your home.

Most Thorough Service Anywhere!

We cleanse your home of bugs from the inside out. We start by clearing out your walls by injecting a waterproof dust into the wall under your kitchen and bathroom sinks where pipes come in through the wall. We then apply a light spray on your baseboards, upstairs and down. Outside, we walk the yard and find any ant hills or other pest harborages, including those in plant and flower beds. We apply a pressurized power spray to the base of your home; the barrier is three feet up and three feet out and encircles the entire perimeter of your home. A second barrier of granulation will be added to extend coverage ten feet into the yard. In addition, each weep hole between the bricks at your foundation is injected with a dust to keep pests from harboring between the brick and your home and entering at their leisure. We also treat the garage and sweep your eves for all the spider webs, wasp nests, and hornets’ nests.


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